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  quiz 2 : early life & music 
  1. Frederic Chopin was born on (according to the statements of the artist himself and his family, not according to his baptismal certificate)
    Jan 22, 1810
    Feb 01, 1810
    Jan 03, 1810
    Mar 22, 1810
    All are wrong

  3. Frederic Chopin
    was the second child of the 2 sons & 2 daughters
    had 1 sister & 2 younger sisters
    had 2 brothers & 3 sisters

  4. Who is this ?
    question 3 photo
    Chopin's father
    Chopin's uncle
    Chopin's close-friend from childhood
    Chopin's grandfather
    Chopin's brother
    Chopin himself
  5. His first composition was
    a polonaise
    a mazurka
    a song
  6. His first published work was
    I. the polonaise in G minor Br.1 (or KK.889)
    II. dedicated to Mademoiselle la Comtesse Victoire Skarbek
    III. composed in 1817
    IV. published in 1817
    I & III
    II & IV
    III & IV
    I, II & IV
    II & III
    I, III & IV
    I, II, III & IV

  7. His musical talent in the early years was known as
    young Beethoven
    pupil of Haydn
    little Mozart

  8. From 1823 to 1826, Chopin studied the Warsaw Lyceum
    where only Polish aristocrats could attend
    where his mother taught cello
    where his father was one of the professors

  9. In the autumn of 1826, Chopin began studying the theory of music, figured bass and composition at the Warsaw High School of Music, which was both part of the Conservatory and, at the same time, connected with Warsaw University. Its head was the composer:
    Josef Elsner
    Hector Berlioz
    all are wrong

  10. Who is this ?
    question 9 photo
    Chopin's father
    L. V. Beethoven
    J. Elsner
    H. Berlioz
    C. Pleyel
    R. Schumann

  11. Chopin ended his education at the High School in 1829, and after the third year of his studies Elsner wrote in a report: "Chopin, third year student, amazing talent, musical genius". Which of these compositions was composed during this time?
    I.  Variations Op.2
    II. Sonata Op.4
    III.Trio Op.8
    IV. Nocturnes Op.9
    V.  Etudes Op.10
    VI. Rondo Op.14

  12. The first publication of a Chopin composition abroad was
    the Variations Op.2 in Vienna
    the concerto Op.21 in Paris
    both are wrong
  13. The 2 concertos was first performed
    at National Theatre in Warsaw
    at Salle Pleyel in Paris
    at Kärtnerthor Theatre in Vienna

  14. The young Chopin supposedly was secretly in love with
    Delfina Potocka
    George Sand
    both of them

  15. The Variations Op.2 "La ci darem la mano" was based on
    Mozart's Requiem
    Mozart's The Magic Flute
    Mozart's Don Giovanni

  16. Chopin dedicated the Variations Op.2 to
    T. Woyciechowski
    J. P. Pixis
    J. Elsner

  17. The melody of the Fantasy on Polish Air Op.13 was based on the
    words of the pastoral "Laura and Fion" by Karol Kurpinski
    poem "Wiosna" by Goethe learned by heart when he was a child
    painting by Leonardo Da Vinci displayed in his music school

  18. Chopin dedicated the Fantasy on Polish Air Op.13 to
    T. Woyciechowski
    J. P. Pixis
    Madame la Princesse Czartoryska (Princesse Sapieha)
    J. Elsner
    Prince Radziwill
  19. The Rondo Krakowiak Op.14 was written for
    solo piano
    piano with orchestra
  20. Chopin dedicated the Rondo Krakowiak Op.14 to
    T. Woyciechowski
    J. Elsner
    Madame la Princesse Czartoryska (Princesse Sapieha)
    Prince Radziwill
  21. What is this ?
    question 20 photo
    The manuscript of the Variations Op.2
    The manuscript of the Fantasy Op.13
    The manuscript of the Rondo Op.14



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