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This is probably one of the best web pages devoted to Chopin on the internet ! Mr. Anh does a great job in updating this site! I look forward to visiting this site again. I added it to my favorites. Keep up the great work !!! Christie - 02/18/00

Very nice site ! It has helped me a lot with my quest for knowledge to share about Chopin with my Music Appreciation class. Fallon Lindsey - 03/21/00

This is one of the best web sites I have ever seen. The organization is excellent and the music files are fabulous. It was a joy to find this site ! Gwen Lewis - 06/25/00

I am very appreciative towards your will for donating so much time and effort in indulging this website as well as the thousands of visitors who come here. There is so much content ! Thank you ! Joseph - 07/14/00

I am so impressed with your website. It is so Chopin! No other sites could be more Chopin than your site, I bet ! Ken - 07/14/00

Congratulations to Mr. Anh on all the awards won by your terrific site ! Colosa - 09/04/00

Your website is most interesting and very educational. I use some of your site material to educate the younger generation. Liszt the orient - 11/20/00

This site is perfect ! A Chopin-lover's paradise ! Dawson Hull - 04/10/01

This is a great page for writing concert reports. Thanks ! Aaron - 06/18/01

The site is indeed a miraculous one. One that changed my life, and my perspective. Now I like Chopin very much. Chua Wei Yuan - 07/14/01

This is a wonderful site ! It has so much information about my favorite composer... and the quizzes need real music knowledge. A must for every Chopin lover !!! Pablito - 12/10/01

This is a wonderful page. I want to congratulate you because of all information you have here and also I want to thank you for sharing everything with us. Mayela Villa - 05/14/02

This site is marvelous ! Not only the profound content but also very impressive design and harmonious use of colors and graphics ! Matt - 10/07/03

This is really a great site. Very professional layout, great content. Antonia Brentano - 01/08/04

The best Chopin website so far on the net ! Very comprehensive ! Thank you for your dedication ! Charles - 08/25/05

Dear Mr. Tran, I would like to thank you for your efforts in creating such a nice, organized, interesting, easy-to-follow web page for lovers of music. I would also like to give my thanks for your choice of poetically interpreted pieces of music to share from your archive. Kind regards. Mmetinkeser - 02/28/06

It's a joyful discovery! Thank you for your absolutely outstanding website to one of my favorite Western Classical composers ever! This is a tremendous resource and you are to be commended for providing it for us. LaBelleDominique - 08/16/07

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