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Who is Chopin ?

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Notable Chopin's art work:

Frederic Chopin Polish Musician Composing His C Minor Etude Giclee Poster Print by Norman Price   Stretched Canvas Poster Frederick Chopin   Frederic Chopin Polish Musician on His Deathbed   Frederic Chopin (1810-49) Giclee Poster Print by Ary Scheffer   Postcard Depicting George Sand Listening to Frederic Chopin Play the Piano, 1917   Chopin Playing the Piano in Prince Radziwill's Salon, 1887  
Frederic Chopin Polish Musician the Last Notes   Chopin with Female Admirers   Frederic Chopin Polish Musician at the End of His Life   Frederic Chopin by Eugene Delacroix   Frederic Chopin Polish Composer   CHOPIN PRELUDE 4   Frederic Chopin Polish Musician  
Portrait of Frederic Chopin   Frederic Chopin Polish Musician   FREDERIC CHOPIN/NOCTURNE   Frederic Chopin in Concert at the Hotel Lambert, Paris, 1840   CHOPIN PRELUDE 29   FREDERIC CHOPIN/PRELUDES

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