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Impromptu no. 3 op. 51

for pianoforte in G Flat Major, Op. 51 (Br. 149, KK. 723-731)
composed in 1842/autumn, published in 1843

        dedicated to Madame la Comtesse Jeanne Esterh�zy

"Besides this, I have composed an impromptu, several pages in length, but I shall not even propose it, as I wish to oblige an old acquaintance of mine who for two years has been requesting me earnestly for something for Mr Hofmeister. I tell you of this so that you may be aware of my intentions in this matter." - From a letter sent by Chopin to the company Breikopf and Hartel in Leipzig, Paris 15 Dec 1842

Ballade no. 4 op. 52

for pianoforte in F minor, Op. 52 (Br. 146, KK. 732-738)
composed in 1842, published in 1843

        dedicated to Madame la Baronne Nathaniel de Rothschild

"Dear Sirs, I would like to offer you a Ballade for 600 fr. If you find my ballade acceptable, please write by the nearest post, indicating the term by which you would wish me to send the composition. Sincerely devoted Chopin." - From a letter by Chopin to Breikopf & Hartel firm in Leipzig, Paris 15 Dec 1842

Polonaise op. 53

for pianoforte in A Flat Major, Op. 53 (Br. 147, KK. 739-743)
composed in 1842, published in 1843

        dedicated to Monsieur A. Leo

"The A flat major polonaise, he could not thunder forth in the way we are accustomed to hearing it. As for the famous octave passages which occur in it, he began them pianissimo and continued thus without much increase in loudness." - Reported by Chopin's pupil, Adolf Gutmann, in Niecks Chopin as a man and musician, London 1902

"Once Chopin told me that he felt very unhappy when he heard the grande polonaise in A flat major played fast, as it spoilt the whole grandeur and majesty of that noble inspiration." - C.E. & M. Hall� Life and letters of Sir Charles Hall�, London 1896, quoted in Eigeldinger Chopin vu par ses �l�ves, Neuch�tel

Scherzo no. 4 op. 54

for pianoforte in E Major, Op. 54 (Br. 148, KK. 744-748)
composed in 1842-43, published in 1843

        dedicated to Mademoiselles Clotilde et Jeanne de Caraman

"I, the undersigned, residing in Paris in 34 rue de Lazare, confirm that I sold to Messrs. Breikopf and Hartel in Leipzig the rights to the below listed work of my composition: Op. 54, the Fourth Scherzo. I declare that I ceded the rights to the above mentioned gentlemen without any reservation or restriction, forever and for all countries with the exception of France and England, and confirm that I received the arranged fees for which a separate receipt has been given." - From a letter sent by Chopin to the company Breikopf and Hartel in Leipzig, Paris 16 Dec 1843

Nocturne op. 55, 1

for pianoforte in F minor, Op. 55, 1 (Br. 152, KK. 749-760)
composed in 1842, published in 1844

Nocturne op. 55, 2

for pianoforte in E Flat Major, Op. 55, 2 (Br. 152, KK. 749-760)
composed in 1843, published in 1844

        two nocturnes dedicated to Mademoiselle Jane Wilhelmina Stirling

"During the lesson Chopin played as I never heard him play before. He seemed to want to attain the ideal of his poetic spirit; after playing his nocturnes for me the first time, he apologized for not having expressed them as he wanted me to hear them, and he repeated them even more perfectly." - From a letter written by Chopin's pupils from 1842-44, Emilie von Gretsch, to her father

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