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      Chopin's life

      ▪  Biography of Chopin

      ▪  Quotes by Chopin and others about Chopin

      ▪  Portraits of Chopin

      Chopin's music

      ▪  Work list with composition/publication year

      ▪  Work list with titles and sequential numbers

      ▪  Manuscripts of selected works

      ▪  Dedications of works and dedicatees' names

      ▪  Quotes on selected works

      ▪  Complete recording of Chopin's works

      ▪  Complete sheet music of Chopin's works

      ▪  Music analysis of complete works of Chopin

      ▪  Recommended music for beginners

      ▪  Monthly or bi-monthly guess-the-tune game

      ▪  Reflection of visitors about selected works

      Chopin by great pianists

      ▪  List of great Chopin interpreters

      ▪  Image and short biography of great pianists

      ▪  Recommended CDs by great pianists


 News and updates

 ▪  Latest website update

 ▪  Poll result of Chopin's most favorite works

 ▪  Results of Images, Quizzes, Contests

 ▪  List of references used to build this website

 Education and contests

 ▪  Quizzes about Chopin's life and work

 ▪  Contests with awards

 ▪  Links to other Chopin websites

 ▪  Links to Chopin music and sheet music servers

 Visitors' interaction

 ▪  Questions and answers about Chopin

 ▪  Discussion board and forum

 ▪  Who-is-Chopin game

 ▪  Name-the-tune game

 ▪  Visitors' thought about the website

 About the website

 ▪  Privacy policy and terms of use

 ▪  List of awards won by this website

 ▪  The webmaster of this website

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