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  quiz 1 : nocturnes 
  1. Nocturne was first composed in the early 19th century by
    Frederic Chopin
    John Field
    Hector Berlioz

  2. How many nocturnes did Chopin compose ? (just those found and listened nowadays)

  3. How many nocturnes were published posthumously ?


  4. Most of his nocturnes were put in sets of
    two or three pieces
    four or five pieces
    They were not put in sets.

  5. His nocturnes consist of
    3 movements
    4 movements
    no movements


  6. The first nocturne composed by Chopin was the nocturne
    Op.72 No.1 in E minor
    Op.posth in C# minor "Lento con gran espressione"
    Op.9 No.1 in Bb minor


  7. Chopin dedicated the 2 nocturnes Op.62 to
    Madame la Baronne de Stockhausen
    Monsieur Camille Pleyel
    Mademoiselle de Koenneritz


  8. Chopin composed the nocturnes Op.37 when
    he came to Paris the first time
    he stayed in George Sand's manor house in Nohant
    he met F. Mendelssohn and R. Schumann in Leipzig


  9. In his nocturnes,
    pedal and "legato" are not preferred to use
    the melody is carried by the right hand; the harmony and tempo is carried by the left
    he did not grace notes


  10. The Chopin's nocturnes can be considered
    the epitome of romantic piano music
    the sympathy of mankind
    nothing at all


  11. Chopin composed 3 nocturnes Op.9 in 1830
    after he met John Field in 1829 and he was affected by Field's style immediately
    when he traveled with John Field to Majorca
    when he had not met John Field yet


  12. Most of his nocturnes are in
    A-B-A form
    A-B-A-B-A form
    A-B-A-B form


  13. Which of his nocturne has the glimpses of mazurkas ?
    Op.55 No.2
    Op.48 No.1
    Op.15 No.3


  14. The nocturne Op.72 No.1 was composed
    in 1828
    in 1830
    not sure, still a controversial problem


  15. F.Chopin dedicated the nocturne Op.posth. in C# minor "Lento con gran espressione" to
    his favorite sister
    Ludwika Chopin
    both are correct

  16. Which of these nocturnes seem to have the images of heroic tragedy ?
    Op.32 No.1 & Op.48 No.1
    Op.9 No.2 & Op.55 No.2
    all are correct


  17. Chopin's last piano
    was made by Pleyel
    was used to compose the nocturne in C minor Op.posth.
    both are correct

  18. Which of these nocturnes were composed in the same year with the Barcarolle, Polonaise-fantasy and Cello sonata ?
    both are correct

  19. "The most famous of the early nocturnes or of all the nocturnes, indeed, it ranks high in
    celebrity among all of Chopin's works. It has been played rotten with sentimentality and
    now deserves a respite. One can still feel the suave, glamorous atmosphere of the
    fashionable Parisian salon which pervades this work."

    This comment by David Dubal is about the nocturne:
    Op.9 No.2
    Op.48 No.1
    Op.62 No.2

  20. Which posthumous nocturne was published in the 20th century ?
    Op.72 No.1 in E minor
    Op.posth in C minor
    Op.posth in C# minor "Lento con gran espressione"



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