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  quiz 3 : ballades 
  1. How many ballades did Chopin compose ?


  2. "All ballades were put in a set."
    Chopin intended this.
    They were composed within the same year.
    They have features in common.

  3. Which statement is wrong ?
    Chopin did not disapprove of permeating his works with atmosphere and feelings,
         in a manner which gave the impression of developing a narration.
    The ballades were possibly composed under the influence of the ballades by the poet Mickiewicz.
    None of them.


  4. The first ballade Op.23 and the last Op.52 was respectively composed in
    1833 & 1843
    1831 & 1840
    1839 & 1846


  5. Chopin dedicated ballade No.2 Op.38 to R. Schumann
    in return to Schumann's dedication of the Kreisleriana Op.16 to Chopin.
    because Schumann challenged Chopin on difficult works.
    because only Schumann could play it.


  6. The lyrical theme of ballade No.1 appears in
    3 different forms
    5 variations
    4 repetitions


  7. The idea of throwing in apparently new ideas in a tumultuous coda can be found in
    ballades No.1 & 4
    ballades No.1, 2 & 4
    ballades No.1, 2, 3 & 4


  8. "It is the essence of charm and warmth, with a sense of irony surrounding the
    second subject." Frederick Niecks, Chopin's first important biographer in English,
    says "a quiver of excitement runs through the whole piece... There is suffused
    a most exquisite elegance." The slender second subject becomes a development
    section, "one of the most powerful Chopin ever composed," says Rawsthorne,
    "one is quite staggered to look back at its winsome origins." The coda, he continues,
    ends "in a blaze of light."- by David Dubal.

    This comment is about the ballade

  9. According to the English pianist and composer John Ogdon, the fourth ballade
    is the most exalted, intense and sublimely powerful of all Chopin's compositions.
    lasts only twelve minutes but contains the experience of a lifetime
    both of them


  10. Chopin's ballades
    suggest the idea to Brahms' four ballades Op.10
    can be called pre-impressionism
    none of them


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