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  quiz 6 : preludes    * written by Minh Khoa
  1. Preludes are
    musical compositions introducing to a musical or nonmusical dramatic work.
    musical compositions in which a melodic themes is systematically subjected to melodic imitation.
    usually short
    musical compositions that are generally played as introductions to others.
  2. How many preludes did Chopin compose?
  3. In what year and how many preludes were published?
    1831, 24
    1839, 24
    1839, 26
  4. How many preludes were published posthumously?
  5. Who wrote this comment about the Preludes Op. 28?
    ''The boldest, proudest, poetic spirit of our era.''
    Robert Schumann
    Franz Liszt
    James Friskin
  6. To whom did Chopin dedicate his series of 24 Preludes op 28?
    Julian Fontana
    Elise Gavard
    Camille Pleyel
  7. Which preludes are relatively in small scale?
    No.2 and No.7
    No.7 and No.20
    No.2 and No.20
  8. The technical demands of the following preludes are equal to those of the most challenging etudes:
  9. Two preludes recalling the nocturnes are
    No.2 & 11
    No.7 & 17
    No.13 & 15
  10. An exquisite example of Chopin's devotion to Bach is
  11. A famous piece with a cello melody in the left hand which is very sad and slow is
  12. Which piece has a Mazurka gait?
  13. The No.15 is often called:
    Squall of rain
  14. Which statement about the Preludes No 15 is wrong?
    It is the longest of the series with a dramatic middle section.
    It is a nocturne-type prelude.
    It is a
    scherzo with a typical dramatic middle section. This is also a pearl of lyric serenity.
  15. Prelude No. 16 is known as:
    A tour de force for the virtuoso.
    A union study of a moment of gloom.
    A beautiful and difficult piece.
    All of them.
  16. ''This prelude is fashioned out of the most volatile stuff. Aerial, imponderable, and like a sun shot spider-web oscillating in the breeze of summer''.  This is James Huneker's rhapsodizes for:
  17. A difficult prelude in fiery, recitative style is
  18. Which of these statements about No.24 is not true?
    It is discharged of tremendous emotion marked ''Presto con fuco''.
    The turbulent left hand never relents.
    It requires a very wide stretch in the left hand.
    None of them.
  19. Which statement is wrong ?
    The preludes of Frederic Chopin and Claude Debussy are brief, self-contain pieces that vary widely in character but that often explore a particular mood.
    Chopin wrote Preludes that differ little structurally from some of his Etudes.
    Chopin is known to have a great admirer of Bach and his Preludes, like Bach's, represent an organized collection of pieces dating from different periods. 
    None of them.

  20. Which of these comments about the 24 Preludes is wrong?
    (a) All imbued with an intense lyricism, do not follow the chromatic sequenced used by Bach, instead, each major key followed by its relative minor.
    (b) The sharp keys are arranged in descending order, the flat keys in ascending order giving the whole work an admirable pyramid structure.
    (c) Chopin's preludes stand alone as independent pieces.
    None of the above.
    (a) & (b)
    (a) & (c)
    (b) & (c)



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